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I'm Natasha Viswanathan, REALTOR®, in Charleston, SC. 

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I was born on Hilton Head Island, a quaint beach town just two hours south of Charleston. 

Since as long as I can remember, saltwater has coursed through my veins and sea breezes through my hair. The Lowcountry has been home and my connection to this incredibly beautiful place has helped foster a love so deep, it's hard for me not to help others feel the same. Once you get a taste of the Cooper River, it will be hard for you to imagine living anywhere else. 

I'd love to help you during this phase of your journey. Click around, and let's see if I have what it is you're looking for in your new best friend. 

How I Work



How I Fell in Love

Falling in love with the Lowcountry is easier than you think. Having had the opportunity to travel the world, I've seen some pretty incredible places. Those that excite all 5 senses are the places that leave footprints on your soul. Charleston, SC is that place for me. And I venture to say, if you're reading this, it may be for you too. 



The sheer beauty of this place calms me. There is something about walking down a rickety old dock, alone with only your thoughts and the neighboring Great Blue Heron to really help you feel at peace. The Lowcountry brings you that serenity everywhere you look, just step outside. 


The food culture of Charleston is vivacious and daring, yet comforting and familiar. Our tastebuds seem to be inextricably linked to our eyes and ears, as each experience in Charleston linked to food creates lasting memories instantly. It is not uncommon for a local to know bartenders and servers by name, as these folks are just as important to the memory making process as the food and libations themselves. 




Much like walking the dock, Charleston and the Lowcountry offer many chances for you to quiet your mind. I often find myself happy to disconnect, if even for few moments, and let the sound of ocean waves lapping softly on Folly Beach remind me of what is important. 


Charleston is a "work hard play hard" city. Sunday brunch is taken very seriously, and our nightlife is awesome. But we have the work ethic to earn our nights out. Our ability to network and connect people is uncanny. Our "don't know a stranger" attitude helps us thrive in business while still remaining small. And our ability to truly enjoy the city we work in is what makes it all worth it. 



Charleston is a town that takes its time to slow down and get to know you. It is a city know for its tremendous ability to court even the most impatient of us. We don't really use our horns here, it is rude not to say "good morning" when passing a stranger on the sidewalk, and a firm handshake goes a long way in this town. Take your time to get to know the girl next to you at the bar or the man planting flowers in your front yard; chances are their stories were meant to be told. 


Local Real Estate Market


My Goal

The Real Estate market is a beast these days. All we hear is talk of rising interest rates, changes that can affect housing and taxes at the government State and Federal levels, and a lack of inventory that makes buying a nightmare. This sentence alone makes the thought of searching for your next home or selling your current home daunting. My goal is to help you slow down the process and wrap your brain around what is going on in the national and local markets. It is my job to stay up to date on local inventory, for example. Your job is easy, tell me what your needs are and let me figure out the best solution. The home buying process is said to be the single most stressful event in our lifetimes- but does it have to be? Absolutely not. Let's discover what it is that will make the process enjoyable for you, and together, we can find you your next nest. We are a work hard play hard bunch here in Charleston. Let me work so you can play! 

What People Are Saying

I, 100% recommended Natasha Viswananthan for any home buying experience. I wouldn’t have known what to do without her.

This was our very first home, we were excited/scared to start our search. Natasha was our precious gem from the very start. She always responded to texts/emails within a couple minutes, even at 7am. Her communication skills blew us away.

She always listened and followed up with the right questions. We weren’t sure what type of house we wanted or where we wanted to live. She impressed us with her knowledge of facts, trends, and experiences that really helped us in finding a home. She set us up with a mobile app to “favorite” houses (which we loved). She worked tirelessly and efficiently in setting up showings. She was very patient and showed us different areas, neighborhoods, and types of houses to help educate and assist in realizing our wants and needs. Natasha’s ability to intuitively guide us with questions that helped us communicate what we wanted helped tremendously. We were a bit overwhelmed with the process, but she was able to make things everything clear for us. Her negotiation skills got the seller to pay for the closing costs that surpassed the amount we originally expected.

Not only was she proactive and a great communicator, she also genuinely cared for and supported us! She understood and could relate to how we felt. She gave us honest opinions and continually relieved many of our fears in the house buying process. Her connections for inspectors, contractors, lenders, brokers, etc. put my mind at ease knowing I could trust them. We were very confident in Natasha’s abilities and connections.

She is a prime example of an intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine person. Natasha helped us find a beautiful home we never thought in a million years we could get.

- Sam and Heaven-Lee (Closed June 2019)

Natasha was amazing to work with! She was quick to respond when I had questions and made the process really straight forward. I never felt stressed or worried about the closing process because Natasha was so on top of everything. If you’re looking for someone who makes home hunting fun and really takes care of you I recommend Natasha!

-Madeline (Closed April 2019)

We moved to Charleston from NY and were a bit overwhelmed not only as first-time home buyers, but also knowing that we were about to jump into a difficult housing market for buyers (which is still on the rise). We contacted Natasha initially based on positive reviews from other friends who were leveraging her services, and couldn’t be more satisfied with the process. From start to finish, Natasha provided excellent guidance, the utmost in personalized care, unflagging availability, and a deep knowledge about a wide range of homes in multiple neighborhoods, and the real estate market in general. She is sharp, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). She answered every single question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home in this market is challenging to say the least, but working with Natasha was a pleasure. She exceeded our expectations in every way. We highly recommend her!

- Kristina and Chris (Closed April 2018)


"We decided to build a house this past summer and after having Natasha sell our first one we decided to give her another go!!! She is absolutely amazing!! She kept us informed and up to date on everything. She came to every meeting and took notes for us, she did many walk throughs of the house while it was being built to make sure things were going smoothly. Even after closing she is still answering questions for us!"

- Strawn Family (Closed February 2018)


"Absolutely knowledgeable, courteous, proficient, ambitious and is willing to do nearly anything to accomplish the mission. She was even willing to crawl into a crawl space under my house, in order to achieve a positive result . I was always impressed with her willingness to just, no matter what, get the job done. In my 77 years she ranks with one of the very best people I've had the honor to work with, again, I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a house. She will not let you down."

- Charles J. Jones (Closed Sep. 2017)


 "You were definitely the most responsive realtor I interacted with-- really appreciate it."

- Louis (May 2017)


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